Awl Gone f. Lazarush

from by Sabo Forte

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Everyday struggle is inflation of the king
The guillotine drops as the pendulum swings
Chased every night home, chasin dreams
Most days tripped up chasin fame.
I don’t even know the price of most things.
One dollar for a lemon, Construction in the streets.
You’re gonna pay for this, they say
everybody has the choice to voice, Pay day.
Rich definish inside prison max security.
no zero kills, de niro’s cape fear. 6 degrees
Bloodied in the streets for being certain way.
Don’t go thinking too much about change
I’m sure its not the purpose of Nation States
Oh wait, I take it back, retract what I saY.
Its exactly the attack on helpless rebel states.
keep us at bay without Pangean memories. hey

Where ever we goin now We’re neva be slowin down

Where ever we goin now We’re neva be slowing down


pressed for short money, oppressed, we gang bang
rather hedge bets short fall the big game
everybody out for self, out them selves lame.
Break me off some of that suga suga cane
Gotta get me a crutch I can do my gangster lean
Everybody hustles don’t give a dang for peace
don’t wanna see peeps cut to prove we all bleed.
Proof we don’t need Prove we all the same.
What can’t it just be. We escape all the blame.
next wave to come in should bring about change
Lets hear each quiet cry, feel Each others pain
Get over the shame ….. get on to celebrate
Put off them pearly gates, I’m here ta stay
No matter worst times, mindful of better ways

Where ever we goin now We neva be slowin down

Where ever we goin now We neva be slowin down


from ROBES, released January 12, 2017
Music by Jeff Spec
Words by Sabo Forte & Lazarush



all rights reserved


Sabo Forte Calgary, Alberta

Sabo Forte
Prime Watson

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