Break A Legacy

from by Sabo Forte

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I bought a balance to rescale memories
I was Chasing shadows, tired of scraping knees
always Asking to feel salvation from enemies
But gods no lawyer , gods a crafty machine
In need of tech service that we all maintain
Sherpa’s and toymakers keep lofTEE means
city’s red cause bloodlines dye these streets
Chalk-lined inside high-tide ….times of industry
Lifelines laid flat, drowning busy streets,
no Interconnections a humane fallacy
Lets Breathe underwaters, let us float upstream
break a legacy, can we rebuild that dream
where thieves of youth get crushed by grace.
Evil forsaken, light left in its place
Love is much a neurotic narcotic rush
Pressure makes diamonds, now Shake the dust…

Anything Goes….Everything goes

I Found life’s true answer be a true friend
You can’t get great if you play pretend.
If you lose battles you ain’t lost the whole war
unless you lettin them win by bein’ sore
pick it up that fallen head… off da floor
DER ARE headchoppers every block.Gore galore
It’s how you roll with it or ….flow with it…
are you gonna be one to blockade or go with it?
Lets Build days not demon demolitions
Learn the game before you blow the whistles.
Make change,with ery 5 dolla isshole
And now you got no more homies WIT CHOO
Cousin theya buncha new jack city hoes
Where Anything Goes….its Everybody knows
You Can’t your trust friends or your foes..
I can see each tree, but most? only forest

Anything goes
Everything goes

Trust! Sunglasses are always A must.
Otherwise you can’t see us in BRIGHT LIGHT
known to shake knees, lean Right,and look tough
while I top rockin ontop dynamite n stuff
I been punk rock since john rotton cheated crowds
so here me now cous’ life takes a toll n makes martyrs
Train the brain to feel no pain is heartless
Gotta work smarter, Gotta see farther
Give fuck ‘bout plight of self doubt riddled artists
Always self sabotage, unable to get started.
Blame everything, they use every excuse
Only thing standing in the easy way is you
Get off my coattails, oh I aim the captain, closed caption.
Battleship to your battle positions
On my way to save the world, its my daily mission
Protégé understudy break a leg wishin’

Anything Goes….Everything goes

I bought a balance to rescale memories
Chasing shadows, tired of scraping knees
Ask to feel salvation from my enemies
gods no lawyer, gods a crafty machine
IN need of service, in need of service
In need of service , in need of service


from ROBES, released January 12, 2017
Music by The Extremities
Words by Sabo Forte



all rights reserved


Sabo Forte Calgary, Alberta

Sabo Forte
Prime Watson

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