POW To The Ground

from by Sabo Forte

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Can you feel it?
Can you see Fear in the eyes of seeyers.
Squares, Demons and Leaders
Think they believe change they makin
Becoming the beast they have awakened
We Gotta Warn em… The four corners.
More forces are coming to force borders
If only leaders wouldn’t keep beating us
I’m Thinking of the freak on with the heatuhs
Lonely to bleed, where they want us
For the slaughters, away from daughters
Creepin on, leaky boat options
Dealing with the State use caution
Stacking up my dimes for the auction
Running miles wit ma lazy ladies. eh
wonder why they drinkin my wine so
why I gotta play love so sore
How you gonna get mad girl
Takin up my time, makin you my whole world.
trying to make em, hate em fo fakin, playin the snake
Trying to rake paper take you away for holidays
could say its right away right away
til the end of days, this ain’t the end of days
started yesterday …..plantin seeds for reason
took from fountains of youth through dry seasons
…….Countin on the spring growth.
But you know the way a thing goes
Relying on the light for the nights sssssake
….To weigh out thee final fights take
more then a thorn in your side
before deadly venom takes yo’ mind
sidewinder fangs, ballers makeup
….force to behave beside those that hate us
I keep scoring on the five hole
Great milage while I drive slow
Make ghetto birds wanna fly low
Hey Samaraui scared of Gylo
rise to the top, Booi it’s a slo go.
Don’t say much, what do I know
diss ain’t da hip hop scene, know what I mean
Yall thinking you can spit, seen more wit in bitmoji’s
Curse the first person to flip the bird , absurd
Hurt the worst person to kick the curb, yezzzir
Poli heads, molly dreads, dollar kids.
Stupid ass broken tooooooy clearance bin.
…….Hit em where it hurts.
Slash tires on the herse
…..Keep em on that raw shit
Hacksaw duffle bag Coffin
Gone Deaf from the freedom bell
Outta know though do time dont tell
Keep miles ‘way from jailcell
cause gangsta ish drain the wishing well.
Where the feelers at? Com’n, Where the feelers at? gone
Where the heaters at?com’n Where the heaters at? gone
shottas by a landslide. LANDSIDE
Car dash. Plane crash no man alive
From the hip take a lil sip.R.I.P. Rip
Gwan rip it off. Rip it up. Road trip.
Contract double dip and then I’m out.
Ain’t goin out like a mouth from the south.
Ain’t going out like cats bottom out
That cat bounced… Trounced on ounce for ounce.
…….count Counting on a witches trick.
Gone Sour off tha witches tit
No power in them dried bones
Im thinking of more mile stones
Birth a verse that hurts those that burn, hoodoo
observe the worst first, you learn voodoo
….thinking of missing algorriiddims
..so visitors can take me with them.
feel frequency. Tap into the energy
I can feed the sithe but believe the jedi in me
I can feel them lie to me
I can see them feeling me attention hut
I can see it all what? I could be wrong but
I can feel the fear inside the leaders
I can here the lies. demonize all the seyers,
I can see the angles from the Squares
My tell tale heart pounds from down there.
Two drop Sounds! Pow and to the ground.
2drop sounds...Pow and to the ground….


from ROBES, released January 12, 2017
Music by Makemdef
Words by Sabo Forte



all rights reserved


Sabo Forte Calgary, Alberta

Sabo Forte
Prime Watson

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