Roll Call

from by Sabo Forte

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Summer dumber days sittin out on asphalt
Spent what I got paid yeah I know its my fault
Think of other ways get in on the green
Anyway these days rich men wit they hands out
Aint sure what that’s about, I hit em up online,
kiss up, end up mascot…..Finally not a dream
when the team start slumping
blood pump pumping, heart throb thumping
Ima be real when you feel itsa fundamental
Own the moment cause they all rentals
Bag it! Wind it…. Let go ‘n’ listen
don’t cat claw scratch pads for attention
Dats for the ignorant, no pot to piss in.
I aint staying hidden if I’m straight up dissin
Ask me the question….show you who answerin’
Besides, I’m too tired….. to dance around

Its all apart of the healing
Blood rushin if you feeling/ Palms pushin the ceiling
Try and help you get yours/ But they stuck in your drawers
dats whats really got me reeling

summer dumber days hot rubber on the asphalt
spent what I got paid, swear it ain’t my fault
tryin to get laid back top down convertible
dodge rocks murderball first off all , tales tall
I ain’t gonna lie sucka…I never really heard of yall
if you grow hatred, growin pains payments
doin my bid..back to names in the pavement
prone to home sickness so stay home sick kids

Its all apaaaart of the healing
Blood rushin if you feeling/Palms pushin the ceiling
Try and help you get yours/But they stuck in your drawers
dats whats really got me reeling

summer dumber days throw it back to high school
ball in hand …seconds left… better shoot
sabo gonna win playin the triggerman, aint no gimmick man
I am not kidding man..Throw a wrench in…. to your bigger plans
spit writtens, hot lava pen drippins
Stationary witness, freeze bitches…..(bitches bitches oooo)
Still is the movement, still have to prove it
Got a lot of hustle and as many ways to lose it
Stay loose, slip the noose, anyway you choose it
Keep on Leasin da dream/ Freakin wit frequency /
Hearsay is for the worst ones, so please don’t let it worsen
Feel the love, its perfect, just keep it on your person
Knowin there’s a lot of us Cash cow slaughterhouse
pound for pound, heavyweight porterhouse
order out for more tender bitches bitches
real is Don’t exist with power switches.

Oh so Perfect feeling worth it,
With my feet up on the curb lets
all wonder bout the wonderfully chill night
slow your roll, know it all
tragic hero tragic flaw.
We All under a hundred fallin starlights


from ROBES, released January 12, 2017
Music by Loophole
Words by Sabo Forte



all rights reserved


Sabo Forte Calgary, Alberta

Sabo Forte
Prime Watson

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